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Saffron Training offers a range of personalised, bespoke training and development solutions to businesses and public sector organisations. We are based in East Yorkshire but deliver programmes across the UK. We typically work with companies who are experiencing difficulties with the way their teams are working, or are facing challenges in day to day management where an outside perspective would make a difference. In short, we help to improve performance across your organisation through increasing the skills and capabilities of your people.

Our founder and lead training consultant, Sally Franks, has many years’ experience of working with all levels from boardroom to the factory floor.

Saffron Training doesn’t just offer off-the-shelf packages. Instead we look at your specific business needs and then develop a bespoke solution which addresses those needs. This could be anything from a simple one-off piece of consulting to a full blown management development programme.

Please browse through our site, or contact us for more information.

Sally Franks of Saffron Training

Insights Discovery® personal & team development

Insights Discovery® is a well-established tool which uses personality profiling to enable the development of teams and individuals in a fun and engaging way. It is all about the individual understanding themselves and understanding others better...


Saffron Training can help your leaders develop their skills in a number of different ways, including: Setting and communicating vision, Strategy development, Motivating teams, Change management, Talent management, Organisational Development...

Line management

We offer a range of training interventions for the core skills of any line manager - those things which a line manager has to do on a daily basis. We cover skills such as: Performance management, Feedback skills, Communication skills, Coaching...


Saffron Training offers courses in a wide range of skills which individuals often find challenging, such as: Time and priority management, Stress management, Communication skills, Presentation skills, Meeting facilitation, Mentoring...

360° degree

Saffron Training is fully accredited with a set of 360° feedback tools from the Center for Creative Leadership. Feedback is a gift which enables us to grow and develop. As people progress through an organisation it is essential to get...

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